“We at Handmade Studio have enjoyed working with the team at Metros Marketing. They have made our website overhaul a fantastic experience. Great communication, an eye for detail, and with nothing being a problem we have been able to relaunch our website which has had some amazing feedback. A big thank you from us.”

Karl Stohr

Owner, RO Jones Panelbeaters

Who are RO Jones Panelbeaters?

What makes RO Jones Panelbeaters stand out from a competitive panelbeaters/car repair market is that they are focused of a greener future. They only used water-based paint (rather than solvent-based) and environmentally friendly car wash.

 With a unique and strong brand, combining their joint experience and quality workmanship ensure that RO Jones are a fantastic choice when it comes to having your car repaired.

RO Jones

Pain Points

With a new office in central Christchurch, RO Jones felt that they needed to realign their thinking when it came to portraying their realigned “sustainable” brand to the market.

With having an online presence crucial for any business, RO Jones felt that they needed a website to ensure they are competitive and seen in the market.


RO Jones came to Metros Marketing to chat about realigning their brand for the future through a new website. After discussing in length what RO Jones wanted out of the website, we came together to present them with a sophisticated website that positioned them with a  modern image that differentiated them from their competitors.

RO Jones Panelbeaters commitment to sustainability had to be a key message that was communicated on their new website, as well as their key services and points of difference.


RO Jones