“We at Handmade Studio have enjoyed working with the team at Metros Marketing. They have made our website overhaul a fantastic experience. Great communication, an eye for detail, and with nothing being a problem we have been able to relaunch our website which has had some amazing feedback. A big thank you from us.”

Victoria Peden

Manager, Handmade Studio

Who are Handmade Studio?

Handmade Studio are a charitable trust based in Christchurch with the aim of providing disabled people a positive environment to contribute towards the community and gain independence through the creation of high-quality garments. 

 The artisans at Handmade Studio used sustainably sourced New Zealand wool to manufacture garments, soft toys and accessories using a traditional wooden floor loom. Nothing goes to waste as all the material is used at once. Their products are unique, high-quality and look great!

Pain Points

With the studio recently expanding to a larger space, Victoria at Handmade Studio felt that their studio was not fulfilling their potential in the digital space. They wanted to find a way to grow their brand online and communicate a more professional image to their customers.


Handmade Studio came to Metros Marketing in the hope to show the world the amazing products that they make through decades of dedicated artisans mastering their craft in using wooden floor looms.

 With a great story and an even more powerful product, the team at Metros Marketing was excited to position Handmade Studio as a boutique, artisan designed studio that manufacture unique, high-quality, and one-of-a-kind products.

 We first started by creating an elegant logo to build their brand around, and then got to work creating a beautiful and visually stunning website that showed the amazing products that are woven by members at Handmade.